Muay Thai Gears & Kickboxing Equipment

Having the best Muay Thai Gear and boxing equipment is essential for the success of a Muay Thai fighter, coach or gym.

To enable the highest quality of Muay Thai training, then you need to make sure that you have all the right tools – Good Coach, Good Gym, Good Sparring Partners and Good Muay Thai Gear.

Muay Thai Gear needed by the Thai Kick Boxer are:

Boxing Handwraps -These are needed to protect a boxer’s hand, wrist and knuckles.

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves – Whether punching an opponent in the head, during a match, or hitting the heavy bags with fully thrown punches. The added extra padding from the glove offers more protection to the Muay Thai boxer’s hand.

Muay Thai Head Gear – Worn as a safety measure during sparring sessions between boxers. Also, some amateur Muay Thai competitions make the wearing of head gear compulsory.

Muay Thai Shin Guards –Considering the incredible amount of force generated from a Muay Thai roundhouse kick, the Muay Thai Shin Guard protects the kickboxer’s shins and instep, from knocks and bruises, with foam padding.

Muay Thai Ankle Support –Ankle supports helps brace and stabilize the ankle joint while the kickboxer is throwing knees, punches and kicks.

Muay Thai Shorts – The coolest piece of Muay Thai Gear in a thai boxers collection is the Muay Thai shorts. Whereas Karate fighters wear long gi pants in competition, the Muay Thai Kickboxer’s shorts are shorter then a Western boxer’s shorts but bigger then a pair of rugby shorts.

Muay Thai Gear found and used at good Muay Thai Gyms/Camps are:

Muay Thai Heavy Bags – In the movie “Kickboxer”, Jean Claude Van Damme’s character is seen practising his Muay Thai roundhouse kicks on a helpless defenceless tree. But in most Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, you will see boxers practising their heavy punching and kicking combos on the big heavy bags.

Muay Thai Pads -This is the ULTIMATE training piece of gear used by Muay Thai trainers and coaches, to get their fighters in tip top shape. Pad holders are allowed to imitate their boxers opponent and are able to receive punches, kicks, knees and elbows thrown at full speed and power.

Boxing Mitts – Exactly the same type of gear used by western boxers, the boxing mitts helps throw punches and elbows with speed and co-ordination.

And last of all, when a boxer fights in a Muay Thai match, the Muay Thai Gear that he will most often enter the ring wearing are: Mongkol on top of his head, Prajioud around the biceps along with his camp’s Muay Thai Robe.