ARD Training Boxing GEL Padded Inner Gloves Hand Wraps MMA Muay Thai Martial Arts Fist Protector Mitts (Black, Large)

ARD hand wraps are specifically designed for the fortification of hands and wrists during the combat and training sessions. ARD Neo-Gel padded advanced gym glove series is a prime flex neo addition in the fitness equipment range. Stitched using a Triple-needle fleece Pico-thread which strengthen the composition and make this glove extremely durable. The internal JP-Nano composition allows the air contact with the hands surface and keep hands stress free during long sessions. The Grip flex technology enhances the comfort and reduce the slippage. The OP-Vento Nano-Pores allow easy ventilation and wicks the moisture which keep the hands dry. It also incorporates the Anti-Microbial properties which keep the skin safe and soft. Armed with prime quality Pro Flex Breathable Mesh these gloves give an amazing feel and comfort to the hands. The boxing wraps are made using stretchable hybrid fabric for sung fit and comfort. These gloves are a perfect combination of technological advancement and aesthetic innovation which is extracted from the feedback of through professional around the globe.It comes Swift-Z Velcro closure for ease of use.

Product Features

  • Gel Padding Protects hands & Knuckles Long Wrist Wraps To Secure Wrist.
  • 75cm Long Wrap around cotton bandage with Velcro closing
  • Woven Carbon fiber fabric with thumb hole and stitched fingers
  • Velcro Closer Thumb Opening And Individually-Stitched Finger
  • Holes Replicated Correct Wrapping Method, Wear Under Your MMA, Boxing or Bag Gloves.

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